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Our team

Raz Traub – President
Raz has vast experience of managing worldwide companies and operations including founding and managing a telecom infrastructure company that was involved in building critical backhauling networks in Africa. Raz brings with him 25 years of knowledge and experience in management, operations and technology insights.
Tal Geva – CEO
Before joining HOMI as a CEO and Co-Owner, Tal managed several business enterprises successfully and was an independent finance consultant. Prior to that, Tal was holding several senior positions in bank management. Tal is holding a BA in Economy and Statistics and MBA degree.
Nakdimon Heyman - vp marketing & operation
Prior to becoming HOMI's Manager of the Middle East & north America markets, Nakdimon has held several positions as vice president of marketing and sales in the tourism and hospitality industry. Nakdimon hold B.A degree in Economics as well as an MBA, specializing in marketing.
Shay Glikman - CTO
As an electrical engineer, Shay has started his career in R&D, moving to Technical Sales, Project Management and Operations positions in the Israeli Hi-Tech Industry. Shay is bringing to Homi combined knowledge in R&D, Engineering and Production.
Ingrid Giroux – Director of Operations, Europe
Previously to managing HOMI’s Sales and Operations in Europe, Ingrid had several positions in the IT industries as a corporate account manager and customer service manager and had HND business background. Ingrid holds an ITIL certification
Etan Zango – Director of Operations, US
Etan, based in the US, brings a vast experience in hospitality operations, F&B inventory planning and team management Etan graduated from Brooklyn College, specialized in Communication and Broadcasting.