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Smart Software Management Solution

HOMINet™ is a user friendly, intuitive SW system that was designed to serve the hotel operating staff and front desk management to control the Minibars operational and logistic aspects in the most comprehensive and accurate way. Using the HOMINet System will enable local and remote management of the Minibars operation, the billing system, the inventory management and the technical and room status such as check in, check out, lock / unlock of the units, etc.

  • Supports all Windows versions
  • Interface with any PMS system
  • Support any existing desk top or lap top
    Remote desktop capabilities over tables or smart phone

Program Language: Visual Studio / .Net

Remote access –

  • Google remote desktop – It’s a freeware and user friendly.
  • Can access from any device.

Computerized billing interfaced to PMS

Main Modules and features

  • Billing - integrated with Hotel PMS
  • Inventory management of all minibars in hotel.
  • Refilling – Quick and easy refilling routes to best optimize the refilling process.
  • Checkup failures module – generate module to identify unexpected behavior and alerts
  • Remote Control – Enable’s the operators to remote control all minibars. Lock/unlock in relation with check-in and check-out status. Remote temperature control and scheduling.
  • Analytics – helps operators determine guests purchasing behavior and help gain perspective regarding best-selling items and best pricing policies.
  • Remote support – Allows HOMI team to intervene when needed and provide remote support to the operating team in the Hotel.