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HOMI 226™

Open Display Automated Minibar

HOMI 226™ Minibar, is a fully automated wireless system with an elegant open display, suitable for upscale and luxury hotels.

The HOMI 226™ Open Display model enables the customer easy access to the products. Its inviting access offers luxury room service and hence, produce more reviews.


HOMI 226™ can host up to 26 items of 18 different products. The enormous variety of products includes soft drinks, Alcohol, and snackes proprietary slots to create the most services oriented environment to the end user.


The HOMI 226™ also prepared to host an open area for the guest's personal items. This is an optional design.


A fully automated functionality sends real time wireless data for the billing system at the hotel front desk and at the same time, an inventory management data to the hotel operation team. This accurate and high quality SW system significantly reduce both OPEX and CAPEX to the hotel.


HOMI 226™ Benefits and Advantages –

  • Fully automated system
  • Open accessible display
  • High Quality and most reliable system
  • Cable free communication system based on RF sensors
  • Real time inventory and billing updates
  • Vertical balcony to host alcohol and snackes
  • ECO friendly